iBeacon is an exciting and fast growing technology, created by Apple, that let developers define micro location contexts in their apps, but in a much more accurate way when compared with GPS and Wifi location, specially indoors.

Cool, but what is BeaconToolbox about?

BeaconToolbox is an easy and fun way to interact with iBeacons and was designed to help developers, IT managers, retail staff and people interested in deploying iBeacons to easily locate, track, calibrate, manage, debug, simulate and test them, in an efficient way and engaging UI.

Show me the features!

But wait. There is more.

Nothing better to test iBeacons then having one yourself. So we built a free companion app for OSX that you can use to turn your Mac into an iBeacon. You can get it free on the download section.

Now talking is cheap. Check it out on the AppStore!